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והנה זה תובעים מכל אחד ואחת מאתנו
דור השביעי . . לגמור המשכת השכינה . .
ובתחתונים דוקא.

ממאמר ד״ה באתי לגני, יו״ד שבט ה׳תשי״א

This is what is being demanded of each and every one of us in the seventh generation… to complete the process of drawing the Shechinah… down to this world.

-From the Rebbe’s Inaugural Maamar, Basi Legani, Yud Shvat 5711/1951

Marking 70 Years of
and the Hilula of the Frierdiker Rebbe

Eve Of Yud Alef Shvat, 5780

Wednesday | February 5, 2020

The Razag Ballroom

739 E. New York Avenue

Doors Open

8:00 PM


8:30-10:30 PM

Open to men and womenLight refreshmentsadmission $15
Event design by
chani Greenbaum
produced by
Menachem Benchemon


אין הדבר תלוי אלא בנו

It’s Up To Us

Presented by
Rabbi Shais Taub
Author, Lecturer, Columnist
Our Rebbe
The leader and visionary for our world
Niggun Interlude
Our Generation
A unique role in history
Niggun Interlude
Our Connection
Making the Rebbe’s vision ours
Niggun Interlude
Our Mission
To build a beautiful world
Followed by a

Soulful Seder Niggunim

Led by
Eli Marcus
Accompanied by
The Rabin Brothers
Orchestra led by
Avremi G
בשורות טובות

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